Posted on: June 22, 2010 6:40 pm

Mr John Wooden

Known(affectionately) by those, he called friends,his family and thousands of followers and fan's who revered him." Sporting News"  said greatest coach, of all times": The Wizard of Westwood: A teacher, A Husband, A Father: he wore many hats, during his iconic career.  Though, I did extensive research: found myself, so overcome with emotion: following his exploits: especially as a Coach, and dedicated Christain; To merely write a Blog, do him justice, one most likely should write a biography: Born in 1910, Hall, Indiana: later at age of 14, his family moved to Martinsville, Indiana where he led his high school basketball team to the state championship ( finals ) winning the title in 1927: Prior, met his only wife(during his illustrious career) Nellie, at a small carnaval in july of 1926, later married her, small ceremony in Indianapolis; August of 1932. Attended Purdue University, where he led the Boilermakers, to the National title in 1932. Later after grad. played professional basketball: first for the Indianapolis kautskys: later became the Jets.During outbreak of world war 2, joined the Navy, became a lieutenant, serving for 3 years. Prior to starting, his legendary coaching career at UCLA: only a missed phone call from Admin. of Minnesota: golden gophers: else he might never have been Head Coach of UCLA: irony, his devoted wife: Nellie: preferred the midwest to the west coast. Still, after negotiating for 3 yr contract (initially) Mr Wooden assumed head coach of UCLA Bruins. Thus begin one of the most storied career's in NCAA Basketball history; The Coach, established records, most likely: during his tenure: will never be matched: Most respected coaches like H.Alba, Dean Smith, Denny Crum,ect said Wooden was the Greatest: Coach of the Year: 1964, 1967: Inducted both as a player, then a coach in the Basketball Hall Of Fame: Though he begin head coach of UCLA, in 1949, but was 1964: when he coached his ist national champ team.,defeating: Duke university: bruins led by Gail Goodrich and Walt Hazzard: In private: John Wooden: reported to say: his 1964 and 1965 teams his all-time favorites: especially def. # 1 prev. unbeaten Michigan, in portland , Oregon; Spartan's front line led by Cazzie Russell: tallest bruin; 6ft 11 inches, still outrebounded taller Michigan players: My most proudest sports moment: shaking coach Woodens hand, after the victory. National Titles extended: 1967,1968, 1969, 1970, 1971,1972 and 1973: Records Established: 10 out of 12 seasons: National Champs  7 straight national titles   88 straight victories, 38 straight games in NCAA tourney's: 4 perfect season's 30-0 ( 1964,1967,1972 and 1973 ) Personal honors: NCAA Coach of the year (yrs:) 64,67,69,70,71 and 73   In 1972 rec. Sports Illustrated ( sportsman of the year) Shared with Billie Jean King..Coached his final game at Pauley: def. Stanford: 4 wks later, following a 75-74 semi win vs Louisville, announced his retirement, before, the Bruins title victory over Kentucky: I omitted, unintentionally Record: 98 straight wins at pauley Mr Wooden retirement gift: a powder Bruin blue Mercedes: Noted UCLA Players: other than mentioned above: Alcindor( Kareem)  B. Walton( most perfect game) in NCAA history  H. Bibby,  Jamaal ( Kieth) Wilkes  Lucius Allen   Marques Johnson  Richard Washington   Two Of My Fav.:Curtis Rowe and Sydney Wicks of 1969 thru 1971 fame.   " Story of a Coaching Legend"  !910 thru 2010
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NBA Teams struggle to be the best.

This season, all NBA teams, its obvious have made improvements. No team at this time,east or west, stands above the others. This fact, will make, the season and subsequently, the playoffs, the mst exciting for all ( true) NBA fans, regardless which team, you show highest allegiance to. This fact should also, result highest hoop ratings, in this decade. Despite this two teams, remain favorites to hoist the Obrien Trophy, at the end of the current season: The Boston Celtics and The Los Angeles Lakers and attain edge of Homecourt, thru out the playoffs. But two factors, will chiefly determine their success or failure: 1. They have to avoid, injuries to key players.2. Lead their divisions, while defeating lesser rated teams, home and away games.This longtime Celtic fan, can assure, true NBA fanatics, this season will challenge your faith and belief in your favorites, until final tipoff is completed.
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Bostons...real challengers

Most we prepare..for the NBA All Star.Game..most likely believe..The Celts..will meet The Lakers for the NBA Title...While the real Contenders: are quietly" under the radar"..The Proud San Antonio.Spurs..have allowed the Boston Celtics and L. A  Lakers headlines and media hype..seems to be intellegent.strategy..does not fool NBA purists..The Spurs..led by Tim Duncan...Tony Parker, before the playoff wars commence..and Phil Jackson...Kobe and laker followers..could be their undoing the past, champion: Spurs, the real threat: The Lakers defending their Western championship..before they prepare to meet; The current best team in the NBA: The Boston Celtics..." Let The Roundball Wars Continue" 

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